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We are an award-winning consultancy and strategic communications agency moving brands forward with creativity, connection, and community.

"Working with Chanel and the team at CJC Insights has been an invaluable experience for Fairview. The team’s expertise in venture capital and private equity, especially during critical moments, has been vital."

Our Case Studies

"CJC Insights has been a transformational powerhouse in the way my company has been viewed by the broader media industry, thanks to exceptional connections that have elevated my business to the next level."

Kori Hale

CEO & Co-Founder, CultureBanx

"I seriously recommend CJC Insights to female founders looking to amplify their brand presence, make a splash, or be recognized for their major business milestones. Chanel always delivers a smart press strategy. I have no doubt that her guidance helped us land a Fast Company Innovation Award."

Melisse Gelula

Co-Founder, Well+Good

"Collaborating with CJC Insights unlocked a new level of value for the client we served together. Chanel's ability to keep one eye on strategy and the other on the details sets her, and by extension her team, apart. After working with CJC Insights, it was clear that their team understands what it means to truly partner with clients. Their thoughtful approach, candor, and commitment to high standards keep them at the top of my list."

Justin Carr

Founder + Principal, Carr & Company



We’re reimagining what it means to invest in emerging startups. We invest our communication expertise to  amplify the narratives of high-potential businesses led by diverse founders to help scale their impact. 


We collaborate with leading brands, emerging startups, movement-building nonprofits, and visionary investors by offering strategic communication and PR strategies that make lasting impressions and impact.

  • We craft compelling narratives and secure impactful media coverage to amplify your brand's mission and message.

  • Brand leaders get equipped with the skills and confidence to deliver powerful messages and navigate media relations effectively.

  • We leverage our data-driven insights and creative thinking to create tailored strategies that achieve meaningful results.

  • Redefine your brand's unique voice and reimagine a compelling narrative that deepens connections.

  • Leverage our powerful network to build connections and unleash your brand’s growth potential.

  • We support brands by establishing their executives as industry leaders and trusted voices.

  • Effectively navigate sensitive topics, foster inclusive dialogue, and align communications with your brand’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

  • We proactively monitor and protect your brand's reputation to maintain stakeholder trust.

Our Capabilities

"I considered Chanel a part of the Luminary team for the entirety of working with her and credit a lot of our early success in the press to her relationships, influence, and true understanding of who Luminary is, our ability to create impact, and our reach. She is part of our story and always will be!"

- Cate Luzio, Founder and CEO, Luminary

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As the organization rapidly expanded to meet heightened demands, Chanel deftly led all media and communications efforts, ensuring our message resonated powerfully across influential platforms. CJC Insights' expertise was instrumental in driving digitalundivided’s meteoric rise and unlocking new avenues for founders.”

- Lauren Maillian, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Former Board Chair & CEO of digitalundivided

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“CJC Insights helped us improve our messaging, secure relevant press engagements, strategically enter new markets, and think critically about our product roadmap. Without CJC Insights, Esusu would not be where it is today.”

- Wemimo Abbey, Co-Founder, Esusu

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